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Hey beautiful people! It’s my favorite part of the year, FALL!

Let’s paint the scene shall we?

The trees are colorful, the weather has a perfect crisp, the urges to bake pies and make comfort meals in the crockpot are strong. There’s some rain and a combo of a big blanket and a great movie calling your name. The height of crocheting projects, the Fall sewing makes, the knee high boots, fedora hats, grabbing a pumpkin spice latte, the smells of cinnamon, the taste of apple cider donuts, ohhh! I could go on!!

I love Fall so much. Some years Fall is only here for a couple weeks (thanks Michigan) before the cold weather kicks the door down and we all stay in the house till Spring. Winter is not the time to get to know my neighbors. Everyone here just goes to work, store trips, or other necessary places and then heads right in the house to enjoy their central heat. I can’t blame them. Winter is brutal here.

When I think of this season I think of fashion, food, and comfort. Fall fashion has to be one of my favorite looks. I have a Pinterest board that is full of ideas. I just keep pinning and pinning. Ask me if I have made one of those pins yet… I haven’t. One day yall, one day.

So what do we think about when we think of Fall fashion? For me it’s cardigans, boots, sweaters, scarves, & tunics. As a Sewist this season is the most exciting yet overwhelming time for work. It’s overwhelming because there are staple patterns that I want to make, and new patterns that get put into testing and call my name. If I want to sew up all these patterns I need fabrics right? Sweater knits, french terry, waffle knit, fleece, etc. Sometimes my wallet is not matching my creative mind and I need for them to work it out. I cannot tell you how many different fabric sites that have a cart full of fabrics from me. Just waiiittting to be bought.

We aren’t even going to talk about all the crochet projects that I start on during this time. I crochet a lot for Fall. That is my season to grab my hook and get lost in yarn. Maybe that craft needs its own separate post.

There are so many patterns that cater to Fall and fitting for many aesthetics. I am going to show off patterns that I previously made that would be perfect! I have sewn ALOT of patterns over the years, so I will limit them down to top 12 because if not yall will be scrolling for days. If you’d like to stay in the loop with my recent makes you can head on over to my IG for the latest and greatest. Now, lets show off some fall favorites!

Patterns listed in order:

Some patterns are not pictured but I wear on the regular such as the Cocoon cardigan from Patterns for Pirates and Piper Pants from Petite Stitchery. The cardigan is easy to sew and soooo cozy! The Piper Pants is a stylish pant that has color blocking options and a cute bow on the waistband that I just adore.

Let’s wrap this up with the best fabric sources for Fall sewing! This list is based on readily available prints and popular bases during this time of the year such as french terry, sweater knits, waffle knits, etc.

  • Olga’s Closet: They have a ton of custom prints to choose from and also great bases at a really great cost! They have to be the best stop for themed custom prints with affordable costs!
  • Boho Fabrics: I just recently bought their sweatshirt fleece that I am in love with! They also have some french terry and amazing sweater knits. I have a Hemlock that I wear on the daily that is made using their sweater knits. Sooo cozy!
  • Surge Fabric Shop: They have french terry, waffle knits, and sweater knits!
  • Joann: Of course I gotta add my main squeeze Joann to the list! They have lovely fabrics and lately I’ve seen a beautiful selection of french terry, sweater knits, flannel, fleece, and their pure plush that is a dream to feel and wear. Also, you cannot beat the feeling of touching the fabrics in person before throwing them in your cart!

What are your favorite looks for Fall? I think next year I will be more intentional and do a capsule wardrobe and showcase them up here. I hope you all enjoy your Fall and the beautiful scenery it brings!

Happy Sewing,


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