I’m so glad to see you here! This is my own space in which I share my sewing projects, thoughts, and a peek into my personal life. Thank you for walking alongside my journey.

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LIFT Leggings!

Hey beautiful people! Alright let’s make this post short, sweet, and cheeky. Hehe I’m sure if you have TikTok you have seen the famous “TikTok leggings”. They are usually made with honeycomb fabric and has some scrunch right in between the cheekies! Greenstyle Creations noticed the popularity with this style and decided to make a…

A Tribute to My Mother

Today is my mother Brenda Carlyle’s birthday. She was born in 1968 and passed awat in 2010. I decided to do something different this year to pay tribute. Recreating this photo led to many tears adn emotions but I am thankful to have made this happen! Happy 53rd birthday to the late 6’1” tall beauty…