Body Confidence

Hey beautiful people!

How confident are you about your body? Do you speak positivity, or talk down to your physical presence often? You know what saying, we can be our own worst critics. We see these “perfect” bodies on social media, magazines, or by looking at older pictures of ourselves. Usually we envy those bodies which results in shaming our own.

For those on a health and fitness journey it can be even more challenging. I can’t tell you how many times in the past that I have hated my body and just held off on getting dolled up or buying clothes because I was waiting until I got down to my dream size. I am a mom of 3, and the beginning of my fitness journey all I wanted was to be the same size I was before babies (At minimum, the body I had when I was just a mom of one). I thought so much about the possible image of the after photos that I wasn’t able to love the current body I was in.

When I started sewing for myself there was a bit of magic that occured. I chose to make clothes with the size I am now instead of waiting. Some patterns gave me such a boost that it had me regretting all the time that I wasted hating my body. I workout, and try to eat a bit lighter some days (I’m a straight up foodie so all days aren’t perfect) but when I can appreciate and love my current body I am able to take better care of it. This has been a much healthier journey for myself.

That is powerful. To love your body at ALL stages and not when society tells you what your body should look like. And while we are at it, fuck society and their lame ass images of what a “perfect” body is supposed to look like. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It doesnt matter if you consider yourself plus sized or thin. OWN your temple and rock it everyday. You deserve it.


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