Are You Willing To Remove Your Mask?

Many of you (like my husband) are pretty much sick of hearing and seeing the word “Mask”. It’s all we have seen and talked about these few months thanks to Covid-19. In these times I find it strange to not see others facial expressions. When I go out in public I love to greet people with a smile and see their face light up with a smile of their own. I love to talk to others without struggling to breathe. Oddly enough, I even miss seeing the faces of those who own their RBF.

However, medical and handmade masks is not the kind of mask I will be discussing in this post. We need to talk about the mask you have been wearing well before this virus hit. The one that filters your inner self and covers your true being. The one you may be too stubborn to remove.

We keep our masks on for many reasons. Some of them may be for the following:

  • Hide our thoughts
  • Years of being groomed into something you’re not
  • Society
  • Work
  • Fear (which aligns with all of the above)

Again, I know there are a ton of other reasons I’m sure. These are just a few.

I’m asking you, what will it take for you to take off that mask and be YOU? What makes you YOU, and are you willing to always show up in your own beauty? I know being yourself can be challenging for many people as it was for myself years ago. There are too many people who ridicule, shame, or ignore others for being their authentic self. These circumstances make it easy to keep the mask on.

I want you to always stay true to yourself. And if you meet someone who makes you want to cover up they are not for you.

Throw away that mask. STAY YOU.


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