I’m excited to see you here! This is a space full of sewing projects as well as a peak into my lifestyle as a woman, mother, and wife. I’ll also be sharing some thoughts on my mind about self confidence and navigating life’s obstacles.

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Heyyy yall! George and Ginger did NOT miss with this one! An elevated unique look with a quick sew; name a better duo I’ll wait! Whats up Cosmo?! Grab your 50% 4-way and get ready to be hooked. Quick deets for this pattern: I made FOUR of these during testing! Yes, its THAT GOOD. It…

Lulu & Finley

Hey beautiful people! I’m back and with a set of patterns that are perfect for active and lounging for this upcoming warmer weather!(If you already have warm weather where you are at, I just want you to know that I am highly jealous of you) Whats up Lulu & Finley? This set from Made for…


***This post contains affiliate links*** Hey my gorgeous people! Sigh… At the time that I wrote this, it was in that comfy stage of Fall. You know, that time when you might be dealing with some warm weather met with cold weather the next day. That flip flop weather that’s known for bringing on sickness…