Perry & Kit

Heyy y’all! It’s another exciting time at Petite Stitchery! They have released another collection of patterns for you to obsess over. These new patterns are perfect for both lounging, working out, and/or going out for a good time. I used these patterns for lounging so far but I can also use one of my pairs […]


Hey my beautiful people! How yall doing? Has the weather been treating you right lately? We are just now getting started with consistent warmer weather and it is sooo nice. I could have done without waiting this long for it. I guess that’s what happens when you live where the air hurts your face huh? […]


Listen, this one is THE ONE!! Seriously… Hey beautiful people! I am so so excited to show off the newest pattern from Shakita. Everybody say heyyyyyy Nia! This pattern from Petite Stitchery is a show stopper and instant confident boost! I was happy to test for Shakita because of her talent but the line drawings […]


Heyyy beautiful people! I am back with another pattern to show off and its giving classy and vintage vibes! This is the Prevail from Unleashed Patterns. The designer, Tasha Gray drafts incredible patterns and I love testing for her. I am always eager to support a Black woman, but its more than just that. She […]


Hey my beautiful people! How y’all doing? Mallory from Eunoia Designs has released another amazing pattern and this one right here?? Has to be my favorite one from her so far! Lets talk about the Cobalt! This pattern has many options that can be worn for a night out or a night in! The variety […]


Whheewwiee yall! I have a spicy make to show off. And I mean flaming hot spicy! Say hello to the NYX knickers from Made for Mermaids! This has easily been my favorite pair of undies so far! This pattern stands out with the straps and the little “reveal” in the back. Also this fit is […]

Loren Teddy

My beautiful people, heyyy! Love day is almost here! Now I acknowledge the holiday, but I am big on keeping that same energy all year around. And when it comes to planning something intimate for myself and my husband? I like to do it just because! It doesn’t have to be a holiday. I like […]

Youth Sav’s Sweatshirt

Hey my beautiful people! Sweater weather is heavy here in Michigan. It is freezing! I love the people here, but sometimes I think I’ve lost my mind deciding to make Michigan our forever home. These thoughts only happen in the winter time of course where the air hurts my face. My baby girl has been […]


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