Heyyy yall!

George and Ginger did NOT miss with this one! An elevated unique look with a quick sew; name a better duo I’ll wait!

Whats up Cosmo?!

Grab your 50% 4-way and get ready to be hooked.

Quick deets for this pattern:

  • Goes up to 63″ bust
  • Up to 66″ hips for dress length
  • Pattern comes in Letter, AO, Projector(Color & B&W)
  • Three sleeve lengths (short, 3/4 length, long sleeve)
  • Three hem lengths(crop, top, bodycon dress)

I made FOUR of these during testing! Yes, its THAT GOOD. It has been a while since I have made that many in a testing period. This should be proof that this pattern is quick and easy!

When I first started sewing I dreaded binding. I always used bands over binding. This was also during the days of me being terrible at hemming so the thought of spending extra time on binding and having to topstitch it down seemed like a waste to me. Because of my dread for binding in my earlier years, I started testing and purposely signed up for makes that had bindings so that I could be more comfortable. I am so glad I made that decision because bindings no longer scare me and I can sew them up with ease. Buttonholes still scare me though…

I could have kept going. But I decided to stop at four.

Fabric deets time!

  1. Fabric is Brushed DTY from Fabric Wholesale Direct
  2. Fabric is a DBP from Joann
  3. This is an athletic lycra from Rockerbye Destash
  4. Yoga Athletic base from Olga’s Closet (Aff. Link)

Alright I kept this post straight to the point! This pattern is amazing and if you are wanting a quick sew and a make that will stand out this is the one for you! And if you make it, tag me on Instagram so I can see your beautiful self! I love to see patterns on everyBODY.

You can grab this pattern using my affiliate link here. Treat yo’ self.

Happy sewing!


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