Hey my gorgeous people!

A new year is upon us! For many people the new year brings new goals to set and accomplish, new habits, plans, and a brand new start. When it comes to New Years resolutions I would often be annoyed. The rise and downfall of goals and intentions, along with the waiting till the New year to start would always feel less exciting. Usually, I would begin on goals before the New Year hit or on my birthday (December 20th)

However this time around I did set some goals & plans for this year and I look forward to crushing every single one of them. Before I get into that let’s talk about how 2022 went.

There were a lot of challenges this year that were character building and tested me like none other. This was the year that we were still new in this place after getting an unexpected letter from our previous management telling us we had two months to move. We received the notice in September 2021 and had to move by November 2021. After scurrying along and trying to find another place, we found one!….But it’s almost double the rent than the previous apartment. It provides more space that we needed but I’d be lying if I said paying the rent has been more dreadful than before. This is a nice place that we live in and I’m thankful….while also thinking that this rent does not match what we have. Home ownership is a huge goal of mine. Maybe this year life can ease up on us so we can consistently take the steps we need to get closer to this goal.

My husband retired from the Marine Corps in July! It has been two years since he filed to get medically separately. It has been a frustrating journey in the midst of a pandemic. He has had a rollercoaster of emotions throughout this period of time and retiring has been a bit of relief. Now we are civilian family and that has been different territory for us. He is currently in college and I am so proud of him! I hope he continues to thrive as a veteran, man, husband, father, and human being.

I started school! This was something that I was going to keep quiet on because my degree plan revolves around what I hoped to have been a back up plan. However, I started my first course in October and finished both courses with an A-. Not bad at all for a woman who is juggling being a mom, sewist, wife, housekeeper, content creator, trying to stay active, and now a student! That exhausted me just typing this. I just started my next two classes. Here’s to another successful term!

Sewing… Ahhhh, the craft that I enjoy soooo much! Here’s some of my favorite makes of the year.

I cant wait to see the progress this year! I had a ball with sewing in 2022. It’s been a great year of crocheting too! I don’t share a lot of my crochet makes and that will change this year. Here’s my three top crochet makes of the year. Sweeney Beanies, heavily hacked Every Girl Sweater, and a Cardigan! This cardigan gets worn on the DAILY because I am always cold! Thanks anemia.


Plans that WILL happen.

  • Passport updated with current name
  • Share more of my personal side in Instagram and blogging.
  • Consistent workout routine
  • Consistent water intake
  • Gain consistent income
  • Making more family memories through intentional quality time and trips!
  • Flourish as a Content Creator
  • Keep thriving with school
  • Read at minimum of 12 books this year
  • Make MORE progress with Spanish learning
  • More dates and memories with my husband!
  • Crochet more so I can share more of my makes
  • Design a fabric at least once
  • Dive into the quilting makes
  • Start a consistent routine to learn pattern design

I look forward to marking ALL of these off. I do not plan on accomplishing this at once. I have several moments that consist of a big burst of energy and I have that “I am going to do all the things now!” energy. I’ve tried doing that several times. and it led to being overwhelmed and not accomplishing anything.

Oh and another plan of mine? Is to not be so hard on myself! I put a lot of pressure on myself and this year I will practice easing up and going with the flow in whatever obstacles may come.

What are your goals and/or plans in 2023?

-Kamali Obiagu

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