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Hey beautiful people!

Time for another new pattern with a ton of options for hella diversity in your closet! Are you ready??

SAY HELLO TO ROXIE! Or, at least two versions of Roxie. This pattern have TEN, I repeat, TEN views and they all bring the heat! I wanted to make a total of four but time escaped me! These different views will bring so much variety to your closet so yes, I am considering this a MUST HAVE collection. The designer Kristi from George + Ginger never ceases to amaze me with her talent

During testing I did three views, but for the final version I completed View E and View G. Before I show off these photos, let’s get into the deets about the whole collection!

  • 10 views! You can buy them separately, or as a bundle.
  • Fits up to 66″ hips
  • Pattern is available in Letter, A4, A0, Color Projector & B&W Projector files

I know that list seems short but there are 10 views yall. Going over all of them individually would mean this blog would be much longer than I’d like. Let’s get into this sexy View E!

I used this Brushed DTY from Fabric Wholesale Direct. This version was easy to sew up and would work well as a lingerie item, or under a mini skirt like Kristi has done. (I am totally going to use these under a mini skirt!) this View G….THIS ONE WAS MADE FOR ME! I’ve been wanting to recreate this maxi skirt + leggings combo for a while.

The opportunity to test this set was a match made in heaven. Both fabrics are from Fabric Wholesale Direct as well! This view paired perfectly with the Extra Top and Selfie sleeves.

This image is from the listing for the Roxie Stockings Collection.

As mentioned before, you could buy this as a collection or separately. Of all these views of the Roxie Collection, which ones are your favorite? Next versions I’ll make will be the views F & I.

You can buy the collection using my affiliate link here. This link has individual views that you can click to buy separately. Click on View E & View G here to get the links to the patterns I used. Thank you for your support!

Happy Sewing!


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