Favorite fabric plugs

Hey beautiful people!

I have been wanting to do a post like this for a while. So let’s talk fabric!

I am not exaggerating when I say I am looking at fabric online DAILY. It doesn’t matter if I just got a box at my door, I’ll still have tabs open. I. Am. Obsessed. I know how quickly I will use the fabric I get and still search for more fabrics to add to my collection. I know of some people who have too much fabric(not really a thing though is it?!) or will still have several fabrics from years ago. I’m here to say, I’m not that person. I many only have a small amount of fabrics that have been left untouched for about a year or two. Just not as much as some of my sewing friends!

I work with both custom and non custom fabric companies. This list of favorites are in no particular order. These are the companies that I have had great experiences with both the fabrics and customer support. Here’s my favorite non-custom fabric plugs!

Non-Custom Fabric Shops

  • Joann: Always have coupons to use on fabrics, amazing and friendly staff, nice variety, and quick satisfaction of ordering fabric and getting them right away!
  • Surge Fabric Shop: Quick processing time, great prices, awesome customer service, and most importantly, amazing quality fabric!
  • Afrique Clothing Store: My go-to for Ankara fabrics! They have a big selection of pretties and ship off fast! If I have ever run into any situation (like when I put in the wrong address) the owner quickly calls and helps figure out what’s the best option.
  • Olga’s Closet: I’m a newbie to Olga’s Closet, but I loooveeeee their fabrics! They have great non-custom & custom fabrics that have by far the best prices of both!
Recent Joann haul! Their Pop! collection of fabrics have improved so much over the years.

Custom Fabric Shops

  • Olga’s Closet: I know, I just mentioned them. But their custom fabrics is what drew me into the company. The prices are incredible, turnaround time is quick, and there is an addicting amount of prints available for you to swoon over. I am constantly seeing prints that are great for the kids and myself! Even better that the bases that I have tried are great quality(mostly DBP & rib knit) Also, they have really great customer service. I’ve had a couple orders that had errors in which they quickly handled it and I was please with their fast responses to my issues.
  • Rockerbye Fabrics: Amber the owner, ships her retail HELLA FAST yall. It just amazes me. Its almost like she lets the fabric touch her hands and she immediately tosses it in a package like its a game of hot potato. She has such a fun selection of customs with great weight and quality that my kids and I loove! She also has some extra wide solid cotton lycra that is priced well!
  • Twisted Needle Textiles: This is by far the best place to come to for statement prints! My favorite bases from them is the CL and the Bamboo French Terry….boyyyy that Bamboo French Terry is a dreaaaammmm to wear. I regret waiting so long to try it out. On my list to buy is their famous taco prints!
Image of Back to School purchase from Olga’s Closet

There are plenty of places that I have shopped from in the past or am really new to. I made this list based on how many times I’ve shopped so that I could give the best reviews on each business. This is definitely a list that will change over time!

What’s your favorite sources for fabric?

Happy Sewing!


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