Perry & Kit

Heyy y’all!

It’s another exciting time at Petite Stitchery! They have released another collection of patterns for you to obsess over. These new patterns are perfect for both lounging, working out, and/or going out for a good time. I used these patterns for lounging so far but I can also use one of my pairs for working out. So far I have made two Perry shorts and two Kit dolmans for myself while making 1 Kit dolman and one pair of Perry shorts for my daughter. These are quick sews y’all! Let us get into all the deets on both of these patterns!

Perry Shorts

  • Available in Adult and Youth
  • High rise
  • Pocket options or simple pair
  • 2″ or 3″ inseam
  • Layered shorts or just the shorties, you pick!
  • Elastic or Contour waistband

My first version is made without the shorties underneath. This makes for a very sexy and breathable make to wear. My booty got tons of fresh air taking the photos in this yellow set! hehe. Needless to say without the shorties underneath this can be a sexy lingerie/nightly item. The second set was fit for outside wear or working out. I have the shorties under with spacious pocket because pockets are a musssttttt and no one wants small pockets. The shorts remind me of the Rally shorts from Greenstyle with the pockets included.

Kit Dolman

This dolman is easy like a dolman usually is! What makes this pattern unique from the basic dolman is the easy opportunities to color block and the many lengths and slit options. I have made two of them for myself and one so far for baby girl. Lets chat about this pattern!

  • Available in Adult and Youth
  • 4 different hem lengths
  • 4 sleeve options
  • Color block pieces with an option for a peekaboo open.
  • Slit options available

Both of these patterns come in Letter, A0, Projector (Black & Color)

Pink set: Perry shorts with pocketed shorties underneath(paired with Prue)

Sage, Grey, & White set: Kit dolman color blocked crop length (paired with Payton shorts)

Mustard & White set: Kit dolman color blocked crop length with Perry shorts and no shorties underneath

Printed map top: Kit Dolman in youth color blocked and tunic length!

Now for the fabric deets. If you didn’t know, Petite Stitchery now sells fabric! When you head over to the website the fabric pretties are under “The Yard”. The second and third make pictured were made using their cotton spandex! Charcoal, sage, off-white, and mustard. Mustard yellow is one of my favorite colors and getting only two yards of it was not enough. The prices are CHEAP!

The pink athletic knit is from my staple spot, Surge Fabric Shop. I have grown so fond of nylon spandex. It’s cool to the touch and super stretchy. Baby girl is wearing her Kit Dolman using Rockerbye Destash custom cotton lycra!

While both of these patterns are perfect together they also mesh well with other patterns or solo! My favorite combo was pairing the Kit dolman with the Payton shorts. With both patterns paired together, I could easily build a loungewear wardrobe which is something that is severely lacking in my closet. Excuse me while I rummage through my fabric stash and get started on this idea.

You can grab the patterns using my affiliate link here.

Happy Sewing!


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