Hey my beautiful people!

How yall doing? Has the weather been treating you right lately? We are just now getting started with consistent warmer weather and it is sooo nice. I could have done without waiting this long for it. I guess that’s what happens when you live where the air hurts your face huh?

I am elated that I get to show off a new pattern in warmer weather! This pattern right here is a quick sew and so cute!

Hello there Heidi! I made two of these during the testing period. I would have made more but was short on time. (I feel like I say that alot. I do dont I?) Lets get to the nitty gritty on the details of this pattern

  • Full bust goes up to 60″ and Full hips go up to 64″
  • Includes 3 hemmed top lengths and two dress lengths
  • Available in Letter, A4, AO, & Projector files
  • Beginner friendly pattern!

Now time to show off photos! I made crop and dress length. Both gave me two different looks but I love them both.

I love to switch it up using one pattern! The rust was a DBP from Surge Fabric Shop and the green African print is from Fabric Wholesale Direct.

Which version of this pattern would you make? Grab some swimsuit hooks and enjoy this quick sew!

You can purchase the pattern using my affiliate link here.

Happy Sewing,


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