Listen, this one is THE ONE!! Seriously

Hey beautiful people!

I am so so excited to show off the newest pattern from Shakita. Everybody say heyyyyyy Nia! This pattern from Petite Stitchery is a show stopper and instant confident boost!

I was happy to test for Shakita because of her talent but the line drawings of this pattern made it easy for me to sign up. The triangle accent spoke to me the most. Lets get into some quick deets of the pattern

  • Size range: Goes up to a 64″ bust and 65″ hips
  • Hem options: Angled accent for mini, petal mini, knee, midi length
  • Sleeve options: Spaghetti Strap or Cap Sleeves
  • Printing options: Letter, AO, Projector File

During the process of testing I was having some challenging days. These days were a result of lack of self care, lack of me-time, and lack of writing lists. (I need my lists to help with clarity and reduce confusion. Anyone else?

Working on this dress was pure therapy for me. It was soothing to sew this up because it is a quick and straightforward pattern. The Nia was another pattern that looked incredible on all testers of different body types. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. My favorite patterns come from those that the pattern not only looks good on me but many different bodies. And because this is THAT pattern, its an easy to sell pattern! It was amazing seeing all these jaw dropping pictures full of fly AF people.

I made three of these within the testing period. I cannot remember the last time I made that much before a release.

The leopard is a double brushed poly, the stripes are a deadstock athletic knit, the African fabric is a DTY and the Rust is a DBP. All fabrics except the African print are from Surge Fabric Shop. The African DTY is from Fabric Wholesale Direct.

This pattern is on sale until May 9th! You can grab the pattern using my affiliate link here. It costs you no extra, I just get a small commission from your purchase.

Happy Sewing!


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