Whheewwiee yall!

I have a spicy make to show off. And I mean flaming hot spicy!

Say hello to the NYX knickers from Made for Mermaids! This has easily been my favorite pair of undies so far! This pattern stands out with the straps and the little “reveal” in the back. Also this fit is spectacular!

To be honest I was nervous about testing this pattern for a couple of reasons. First, I was looking at the inspiration photos debating if I wanted my audience to be looking at my crack. Secondly, I was worried about the straps digging into my skin or the texture of the straps bothering me. Thankfully, I had no issues at all! It made me feel so good to wear something so cozy AND with some sex appeal! Ive made two during testing and have another one on the cutting table.

Lets get into some of these quick deets and then the photos!

  • 3 different rise options
  • 2 back dip options, low dip or high
  • The straps can be crossed in many ways thanks to some talented Sewists showing off more variety!
  • You can use FOE, lace, or picot elastic!

For the grey pair, I used athletic knit from Surge Fabrics and FOE from Joann. For the Purple Jar pair, this is a custom Cotton Lycra from Made Elemental with FOE also from Joann.

During this test I found that using FOE helped me to whip these up so fast! Are you a fan on FOE? I know of a couple people that despise using it.

I’ve said this before when it comes to intimate makes but I cannot stress this enough. Make this for yourself first! This is a make that can be greatly admired by our partners but its so important that YOU feel good in it. And in my opinion, this pattern looked incredible on the thinner people and plus sized people. It was such a joy to see so many people of different sizes and ages feel so sexy in their knickers. So make you a pair and admire your beautiful body!

You can grab the pattern using my affiliate link here.

And as always, Happy Sewing!

-Kamali Obiagu

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