Loren Teddy

My beautiful people, heyyy!

Love day is almost here! Now I acknowledge the holiday, but I am big on keeping that same energy all year around. And when it comes to planning something intimate for myself and my husband? I like to do it just because! It doesn’t have to be a holiday. I like to spice things up whenever!

All that being said, aside from some panty makes, it’s been a while since I’ve had a full lingerie make. And this one I tested is a perfect start to a hawt lingerie collection.

Here’s Loren from Made for Mermaids! This is a lingerie item with a couple different options to tickle your fancy. Let’s get into some quick deets.

  • Lined or lace? Choose whichever you prefer!
  • Cheeky or thong?
  • Small or Full bust adjustments available if need be!
  • Pattern comes in Letter, AO, Projector files

This pattern needs picot elastic! It was my first time working with picot and now I just want all the colors of this elastic.

Whether you are making this for love day or for just because remember: make it for you first! Admire that beautiful body of yours in this sexy make. And hey, if you have a partner I’m sure they will love to see your confidence in this Loren. Enjoy!

You can buy the pattern using my affiliate link here.

Happy Sewing,


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