Youth Sav’s Sweatshirt

Hey my beautiful people!

Sweater weather is heavy here in Michigan. It is freezing! I love the people here, but sometimes I think I’ve lost my mind deciding to make Michigan our forever home. These thoughts only happen in the winter time of course where the air hurts my face.

My baby girl has been in constant need of sweaters and I’ve been lacking the appropriate fabric to make her something cozy. This is one of the reasons why I love testing. It gives me the motivation to do stuff that I’ve been holding off. And a deadline means I can’t stall on it. I can’t tell you how many great ideas I have but my distractions have me putting it to the side.

So I bought this French Terry from Surge Fabric Shop. I bought like 3 yards and I wish I would have bought like 5. Or 10. This fabric is so cute and amazing!

This pattern is a quick sew and easy addition to the winter wardrobe yall! Here’s some quick deets before I wrap this up and show photos.

-Youth Sav comes in sizes 2-16

-Adult version is available as well!

-Crop or full length available.

Comes in different formats such as Letter, A4, A0, and Projector.

You can buy the pattern using my affiliate link here.

Happy sewing!


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