Hey gorgeous people!

I wanted to do a quick post about a new pattern that I was able to test. This is the Amahle dress from Wild Seed Patterns!

I was invited to test this pattern and was so happy I took on this offer. This testing process was pleasant and I had plenty of time to work up these two dresses that I will show down below. I enjoyed testing this pattern for the structure, ease of construction, and the look of this dress! And can we talk about this gorgeous name for this pattern? Amahle is a Zulu name that means “the beautiful one”. This is such a lovely name that I adore.

When I first saw the line drawings I immediately knew that I wanted to do the maxi length. I made two versions and one of them were color blocked. However, it wasn’t meant to be color blocked. I just didn’t have enough of the lavender! The good thing is that it turned out lovely and this should show how much more you can do with this pattern given all the color blocking ideas. I was head strong on Pan African colors but didn’t have the yardage at the time. I still want this idea to happen. You think I can get it done before it gets freezing cold here in Michigan? We shall see.

Quick deets of this pattern:

  • Sizes XXS-XXL (2-24)
  • Tent style
  • 2 length options: hip & maxi length
  • Available in A4, AO, and projector files

Other than a mistake I made while not paying attention, this pattern is an easy breezy process with an elegant look. I loved the color blocked version but my favorite was the solid black beauty! I felt witchy and sexy in this one and the trail in the background was the perfect setting!

What color combinations would you use with this pattern?

You can grab this pattern here.

Happy Sewing!


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