Hey beautiful people!

Alright, yall I am so excited to come to you about this newest pattern that has been released by Petite Stitchery. This new pattern was designed by a talented and gorgeous Black designer, Shakita Cook!

I can’t tell you how happy I was when she put out the tester call. As a Black crafter, it is amazing and celebratory to see one of our own enter the designer field. I wish Shakita nothing but the best and I look forward to testing more of her patterns!

Let me start off by saying that unitards were always a hard pass for me. I couldn’t see the appeal in them unless for dance or gymnastics. As odd as it sounds, my distaste for unitards was one of the reasons why I decided to sign up to test. Aside from Shakita inviting me.

There is a method to this approach. If it were not for testing patterns, I would not have ventured out and broadened my wardrobe. I would be stuck with just the same ole tee shirt and leggings style. So I challenge my wardrobe and mindset constantly by trying patterns that I otherwise would have avoided if I saw it in the stores. I am so thankful for testing!

Now, back to this pattern!

Heres the options and quick deets:

  • Shorts, capri, ankle length for Pants
  • Two different Necklines for front and Back of the Bodice
  • Several Sleeve lengths and Tank option.
  • Lined or facing for finishing the neckline

I made a total of 5 during the test and sale period.

  • 2 pants length with short sleeves
  • 1 with a small hack to flare at the end of the pant
  • 1 for Amethyst in pants length and short sleeves
  • 1 with wide legs that have not been pictured yet!

I love this pattern because its so comfortable but has so much potential! I love that I can mix up a print and solid color and it will look like separate items. You get the different look all in a unitard yall!

This pattern is a great layer item! Pair it with a cardigan, waistbelt, boots, etc or wear it alone and it will still be dope! Amethyst wore hers for gymnastics and has requested more. Guess I should get moving huh?

You can buy the pattern using my affiliate link here.

Happy Sewing!


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