Hey my beautiful people!

I’m going to go ahead and applaud myself for publishing this post DURING release week and not weeks after. * slow claps *

So lets talk about this new and STANDOUT pattern from George & Ginger, the Vision dress!

It’s giving me straight Goddess vibes and I’m here for it!

This pattern is made for flowy wovens and designed for full busts from 28″ to 63″. It has a ring in the middle that the bodice, straps, and dress are sewn to secure.

The Vision dress can be tied snuggly to hold the boobies securely and it leaves freedom to move them however you want.In my version I brought the straps up and around the neck then moved it to the front with a cross and tucked them on the side straps. This way I didn’t have to deal with the halter straps stress at the back of my neck. The “How do they hold the girls?” question has been a common one since it has released. Your support determines the fabric and how you tie the straps.

So let’s talk about this fabric! This is Georgette from Surge Fabric Shop (duh). This color (and it being one of the recommended fabrics) is the main reason why I grabbed this fabric but lets be honest; this was no fun to work with for me! This fabric moved a lot and became a pain to work with. Only a couple days before the photos were due for this pattern, Surge restocked on some Crepe De Chine. I used Crepe De Chine for a Tempest Gown a week before needing photos of this Vision Dress. I fell in LOVE with Crepe De Chine. I really wanted to use that fabric for my final version of this dress but I wasn’t able to get in the newly stocked colors in time.

Currently have some Red Crepe De Chine in my cart so I can make this pattern again!

My Version:

  • Maxi Length
  • Slits on both sides

I love a pattern that catches my eye the way this one has. Grab this pattern now while its on sale! My affiliate link to purchase is here.

Happy Sewing!


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