Okay y’all this dress will be one that you will make plenty of!

I know I say this a lot but this pattern from Greenstyle Creations shows off your curves and is flattering on everyBODY. I’m not kidding. I am big on self love and to wear whatever you want NOW instead of waiting to be in a different body. The tester group was filled with so many gorgeous poeple of different body types. And you know what? They all looked freaking amazing!!

Construction wise? This pattern is easy to whip up. I have made three of them so far and it makes me feel and look drop dead sexy. Seriously, its a quick sew.

Due to the ties on the sides of the dress you can pull them higher to show more thigh (or pull them all the way up for a tee version) and less pulling will have a longer length. I chose to show more thigh because that’s my business. There are several necklines, and a chose to have sleeves or bands.

I’ll be showing off two sets in this post and I honestly loved both versions! You can see the fierceness I felt in the photos.

This first set was using this GOOOORGGGEEEOOUUUSSSS liquid tricot from Surge Fabric Shop. Yall, this solid Black and this pattern gave me straight Queen vibes. And with the strappy red heels and gold jewelry? This pattern gave what it was supposed to gave!!

And this print here? I got this from Joann a few months ago but didnt have a purpose for it. I waited until I had a pattern that was perfect for it. Then BOOM test call came for the Bomdia and I finally cut into it!

This pattern is a show stopper. Once you make one, you’ll make another!

Grab the pattern here (using my affiliate link)

Happy Sewing!!


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