LIFT Leggings!

Hey beautiful people!

Alright let’s make this post short, sweet, and cheeky. Hehe

I’m sure if you have TikTok you have seen the famous “TikTok leggings”. They are usually made with honeycomb fabric and has some scrunch right in between the cheekies! Greenstyle Creations noticed the popularity with this style and decided to make a pattern and I cannot tell y’all how fast I signed up to test!

Here’s some deets on this pattern:

  • Sizes B-M (32-62 inch hips)
  • Comes in Shorts, capri & ankle length
  • Has regular cut line, and Accentuated cut line
  • High and Mid Rise waistband

I made two of them so far. One with honeycomb fabric from Greenstyle, and another with Quad Performance fabric from Surge.

Long post shortened up, if you need a leggings pattern to show off your bum THIS IS THE ONE!

A couple of concerns that I have seen brought up in the Facebook group:

  • I have had no issues with the scrunch seam. Both versions below I could not feel the seam. However, I made one during testing using a thinner fabric and it just felt like I was wearing a thong but did not bother me.
  • If want it without a scrunch you can do two things 1. I’d suggest using a different pattern (Greenstyle has many great leggings patterns that look great on the butt!) or 2. Thicker fabrics show less scrunch, and you can also not pull the elastic as much when you sew. (that kinda makes it number 3)
Using the Quad Performance from Surge Fabric Shop!
Using Honeycomb fabric from Greenstyle Creations!

You can buy the pattern here using my affiliate link!

Happy Sewing y’all!


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