Throwback Tee! Your New Staple Pattern!

Hey beautiful people!

I’m back! I needed a bit of a break because I struggle with focusing on a lot at once. I have this do it all mentality so I have to humble myself and realize that I have to take things one at a time and its okay to have to put things down. Sounds familiar? I know many of you can relate.

I have a few posts in queue that may be tardy to the party when it comes to posting but this pattern right here was released March 1st! This will be short and sweet.

Say hello to the Throwback Tee from George and Ginger! This tee has several options and is the perfect color blocking shirt that will overwhelm you with tons of ideas. Or maybe it was me that was being overwhelmed.. Hmmm. Lets just say that I made four versions during testing and was trying to squeeze in more but my brain told myself that I had other stuff that needed tending to. So I’m waiting till later on this week to make more. Yes, this pattern is very addicting.

The best fabrics are those that are lightweight and have drape.

Heres my versions that Ive made so far!

Which one is your favorite?

You can purchase this fun pattern using my affiliate link here. Psssttt it’s only $6!

Happy Sewing!


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