LAST DAY! Selfie Shirt in Leather!

My beautiful people!

I cannot explain how grateful I am to have had so many of you shower me with love to me during this celebration week. This is such an amazing change for myself and my family. I am just so glad that I decided to share my story, and to see so many people touched by it. I read each comment and appreciated all of your kind words! I wasn’t able to reply to every comment because there were so many but I want you all to know that I read them all and it filled me up with so much love.

I had other ideas for the last day of this week. To be honest, this celebration week hit right when my boys switched to a different program in school so I have plans to do MORE celebrating this month to make sure my babies are having a blast (In a safe get-away-covid-way).

I have a whole outfit that was planned for day 6 but I was so set on using HTV that when my Cameo 4 was missing a cord (firmware update). I was livid because the vinyl would be the icing on the cake to that set. So then I had to think what to do to make up for me not showing off that project.

I have had this stretch faux leather sitting in my stash for a couple months because I planned on using it for a remake of a photo. Then I reminded myself that I could just buy more because stretch faux leather is in many places!

So this selfie shirt has been a show stopper so it had to be the last day’s outfit! The only mod I used was the high low skirt from the Mix-It-Up collection!

You can grab the selfie shirt here. *affiliate link*

Again, thank you all for your support and love during this time, I love you all!!


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