Wiggle In Kente! Day 5

Hey yall! Okay so the Wiggle had to be incorporated in this celebration because Its a flattering fit and easy to whip up! I remember first starting out and seeing the formal Wiggles and thought “That is probably hard as hell”. Then the Marine corps ball of 2019 came and I said I wanted to make my own dress them BOOM, thought about the Wiggle! I used Ponte and when I looked at the instructions I had to face palm myself. These instructions were so easy and I stalled on making something that was so simple to make!

The only modification I made was a little more loose fitting after the waist to give it more flare. Oh, and I made the slit super high. You know, to show a little more thigh.

This stretch kente fabric is from Fabric Wholesale Direct and I have more to make raglans! The whole family needs this print!

Despite the cold weather I was feeling HAWT in this make!

I need to make more Wiggles. I think I’ve only made 4 of them. This off the shoulder option is my favorite!

You can buy the Wiggle from Patterns for Pirates here.

Happy Sewing yall!


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