Norah’s & Opals as Loungewear for Day 6

Keeping this real short like these Norah shorties. Hehe

Both of these patterns are from Petite Stitchery & CO. I’ve been wanting to try out the Opals for a while as I love thigh high socks but haven’t had any thigh highs in so long. I have this stubborn thoughts that if I can make it, more than likely I’m not buying it store bought. There’s been many times where I say I’m going to make something, and don’t. Like I can go in Walmart and see a top that I love and say “I’d rather make it.” Then forget about it for ages. Hence why I am just now making these Opals.

These Norahs are a newer pattern and I bought them because of the beautiful testers including my friend who sold me on this pattern! There is a plan version with wide or small bands as well as a ruched pair with ruffles. It was a super easy sew, so this will NOT be my last time making this because it also has such a flattering fit! The best makes are the ones where I feel sexy AND comfortable! This is one of them. Plus, I need to build up my underwear stash!

I loved these opals but these thighs did not hold these up after a while. I think maybe elastic will work? I’m not sure. These were so quick to make and comfy that despite them falling down I still kept them on all day!

You can buy the Norahs here.

Opals are here.

Happy Sewing y’all!


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