Hibiscus meets Upton for Day 3!

Heyyy yall!

I’m going to be honest, this set here may be the best one that you will see during this celebration week! Its my absolute FAVORITE!!!!

The Hibiscus is made out of leftover red athletic fleece from Surge Fabrics and this print for the Upton Skirt is from Afrique Clothing Shop. I was feeling like straight ROYALTY. The plan was to use Black for the Hibiscus but I am so glad I decided on red. I feel like every time I want a bomb profile photo or to shake up the social media feeds I need a Hibiscus top with an Upton Skirt!

I have been wanting to try out Cashmerette patterns but never got around to making a purchase. When I saw this Upton Mix and match set? I bought it with the quickness!! For about a year now I have been wanting to make a maxi skirt but haven’t found a great pattern to settle on. I have seen a few YouTube videos on how to make it without a pattern but that’s not my jam. When it comes to apparel sewing, I mostly prefer a pattern over doing a ton of measuring pattern pieces. I’m good at math, but doing all of that? Ain’t got the time. Just stresses me out just thinking about it. So yeah, patterns are great for me to lessen the chaos in my head. Mind you, I am also the same person who rarely makes muslins. Don’t judge me.

There is a beautiful melanated woman who was on the listing for this pattern and she is the reason why I was so quick to buy it! Me being honest, if I hadn’t seen that gorgeous woman I probably would not have purchased it. Representation MATTERS!

So this is not going to be my last Upton Maxi and being that the shipping is so fast from Afrique Clothing store and Surge Fabrics that may add to my addiction of this pattern. I could never have enough fabrics anyway. Someone tell my husband this. Lol.

Hibiscus Pattern can be found here.

Upton Skirt Mix & Match Pattern can be found here.

Happy Sewing yall!


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