Clio in Merlot from Day 2!

Okay bare with me y’all. It’s been an overwhelming (in a good way) couple of days and I’m playing catchup! Being a mom of three means I sit up late to get me time in. And if I don’t sit up late, I end up lacking in some kind of work, or time for self. Sigh. Mom struggles!

This CLIO from George and Ginger plus this color was a beautifiul combo!! Talk about another sexy make!

A year ago I was having troubles with the Clio because the gathering sides kept showing the raw edges. I reached out to a woman who I didn’t know much about other than that she was a sewist and tested this pattern. Oddly enough, since then we have become close friends!

BUT.. I tossed the project aside and never got back to it. Haha. So this Ponte from Surge was the reason why I revisited this pattern. I put on my big girl panties and was like “YEAH I GOT THIS!”

Then, without thinking about it much I used Ponte for both lining and main. If I could give any suggestion on this pattern, don’t do this. My sewing machine hated going through those thick layers and I broke a needle and had to go over stitches SEVERAL times to catch the gathered edges. That was not fun and I swore to myself to never use Ponte for both layers again.

That being said, I still plan on making this pattern again, and using an athletic knit, or cotton lycra as a lining! This pattern is too sexy to just make one.

You can grab this pattern here. (Aff. Link)

Happy Sewing!


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