Hibiscus meets Winslows from Day 1!

Whew, what a day it’s been! I am caught speechless at the love you all have shown me. You are all incredible people and I am blessed that we have crossed paths! If you missed the reason for the celebration sewing, you can find a short post about it here.

This will be a short post, but I wanted to separate the outfits throughout the week into its own post.

Let’s start off with the Hibiscus top from Petite Stitchery & CO. I had the kids Hibiscus first and made Amethyst several of them throughout the summer. I finally went and bought the Adult pattern and I’m so glad I did! This was a quick sew, using DBP from Surge Fabrics. If you haven’t tried out this pattern yet, GO FOR IT!! There’s many combinations so you can pair it with any pants, or sew up the dress option! I have a link to the pattern below.

Now lets talk about these pants! These are the Winslow Culottes from Helens Closet and whewwwww they are a whole mood!

I got to be honest, one of my goals this year was to work with more woven fabrics. I have seen so many patterns that I wanted to try out and I think that by diving into women’s more often it would help my skills.

So this pattern was NOT hard at all. But stitching in the ditch to enclose the seam from the waistband damn near made me lose it! I also had quite the hiccup on the back of the waistband where the zipper started. When I dive into a new pattern I read the instructions multiple times to make sure I understand it. Unrealistically, I expect every project to work out perfectly. I wasn’t paying attention to the waistband and skipped a step. *face palm* I had to humble myself knowing that I was working with a woven and be thankful for matching thread. Mistakes were made, but this pattern is straight BOMB so you will definitely see more Winslows in the near future. I need about three more of these pants, and several shorts!

Ohh and can we talk about my collarbone finally making an appearance? My friends mentioned it on Facebook and had me cheesing! It just motivates me to continue to lift these weights and get my yoga on!

Hibiscus pattern grab it from here.

Winslow Culottes pattern can be found here.

And if anyone wants a chuckle, I am NOT a heels person. I think they look great but I’m more of a barefoot, then sneaker person. Let’s just say I kept my steps to a minimum to prevent the “flop flop” and a sprained ankle. I wore my minimalist sneakers from the car to this spot, then changed into these heels. My 10 year old son who took these photos was laughing at me as I was walking slow as hell trying not to fall. LOL.

Peace and blessings yall!


One Comment

  1. Florence Taylor

    I love this and YES glorious collarbone. The Winslows are awesome and I also am starting to sew more woven.
    Happy celebration week love.


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