Hey beautiful people! How have you all be doing?

I have been limiting the amount of pattern testing in order to prevent from being overwhelmed especially during the holiday season. But this Voyage??? Was an easy YES for me.

This pattern is from Eunoia Designs and comes in crop, standard, and tunic/mini dress length!

I never had a desire to wear let alone make a crop top hoodie. But those side panels and this perfect sized band led me to go for it. I am glad I did! I made two of these and already have a few more ideas after adding some fabric to my cart and looking through my stash. Oops!

Matching pants were obviously a must.

The Voyage whips up really fast especially if you are making the crop version like I did. The princess seams, raglan sleeves, sway back… this pattern is a NEED! Oh and for those nursing moms? This has a nursing access mod available to give your little one easy access to the liquid gold while feeling cozy. My daughter is 3 and we are still nursing but since I made the crop version and she nurses only a couple times (and at home) I did not use this modification.

These fabrics are Cotton Spandex French Terry from Surge Fabrics. I had Red, Black & Grey laying there in a pile and stared at them together. That little lightbulb went off and I used them! Heck, I loved these colors so much that the whole family has mix match fits!

That red popped and the sunlight kissed me well.
Can y’all tell I was feeling myself? Haha, I was enjoying taking these photos!

And the Light Grey and Black? Psh, it was a no brainer. I loved how this set came together!

This pattern is a newly released pattern which means its on sale! Grab it now and make a ton! This is one of those patterns that you cant just make one.

I’m serious though, I legit have three more of these crops lined up to make. Hehe. I think I’m obsessed.

Grab the pattern here. Happy Sewing!


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