Slow Down

Hey beautiful people! How are you all doing? ⁣

⁣Tending to virtual school work for my boys, making sure baby girl is also learning, tending to the house, sewing and a bunch of other responsibilities led to me slacking on posting on this site. It feels so good typing right now and I am thankful I took the time to gather this post together.

Have you made the time to slow down and be fully present in the moment? ⁣

I noticed that lately during my busiest times with the kids’ school tasks, sewing work, or workouts I end my days realizing that I didn’t have many moments of mindfulness. As a people we can drive ourselves crazy about the past and spend even more time worrying about the future. We overload ourselves and see time flying past us. You ever have such an overwhelming week that you lose track of your days? When I am always in a rush and stacked with tasks I feel heavy, anxious, and frustrated. I am at my most calm and happy when I take the time to sit and just be.⁣

⁣Sometimes this means lessening my load on daily tasks and using NO as a complete sentence. Other times it means mid task I will pay attention to each step I take, my movements, and breathing which helps slow down the “monkey mind”. Being in the moment completely should be a daily ritual for us all. ⁣

So cheers to treating the present moment for exactly as it is; a gift.


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