Hey gorgeous folk! Yall ready to add another addicting sew to your long list?

This is the Oaklynn from Made for Mermaids! A color blocked dolman sweater with many options to choose from. If color blocking isn’t your thing, you can make a solid front and back and choose between several necklines!

Recently I’ve been a huge fan of color blocking so this I just knew I NEEDED this pattern. I used a soft Almafi rib sweater knit from Surge Fabrics for the yellow, black and grey version. The rust was a waffle knit used with the leftovers from the Almafi.

I love these sweaters! Both Amethyst and I have been wearing them like crazy.

And here’s our second set!

Amethyst needed her own section, so here’s photos of just her!

She’s so fun when it comes to taking photos! This pattern was a quick way to build up my sweater stash. I was doing this test while having to deal with some back pain. The plan was to only sew up one for me and one for Amethyst. But I managed to squeeze another one in on the last day because I loved watching this pattern come together. Now I just need to figure out how can a lumpsum of money fall into my wallet magically so I can indulge in a huge order full of sweater knit?! I’ll figure something out a spell to make that happen. But I have many colorblocking ideas! Pan african colors (y’all know me), green shades, shades of black, maybe even blues!

All those who tested this pattern had some beautiful creations and amazing color schemes. Check them out on the listing and the Facebook group! You can grab the pattern here.

Make a ton! You need it anyway for this cold weather approaching. Sew on!


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