Selfie Top = Confidence Boost!

Hey gorgeous people!

A few days ago I posted on my IG about this new top that I have been dying to sew. The Selfie Top from George + Ginger! Everyone that I have seen with this top look amazing and I just had to try it out for myself. Boy oh boy did it upgrade my wardrobe! I used this gorgeous Olive Ponte from Surge Fabrics (I mention Surge a lot, because I loveeeee their fabrics, quick shipping, and incredible customer service!)

I need to make more in a solid black, yellow, and a red before I am content with the amount of Selfie Tops. This is so flattering on ALL body types.

TALK ABOUT A CONFIDENCE BOOST! Yall, I was feeling myself. This made me feel like all kinds of GROWN & SEXY! I had a character building day, and was feeling really down. Finishing this and taking the photos helped my mood TREMENDOUSLY.

This was a fun sew because I didn’t have a deadline for it so I had a chance to take my time. I went for the Tie Closure option which is labeled as the Most Daring. If you want some a little more settle you can choose to use the basic waistband (I plan to make my next top in this option) or use a hook and eye closure. Which option will you pick?

I have an affiliate link that I will share below. Using my link does not cost more for you, it just helps with feeding my sewing addiction by receiving a commission. Happy Sewing!

The affiliate link to the Selfie Top from George and Ginger is here.


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