Logan has Arrived!

Hey my beautiful people!

I am so excited to share this pattern release with you because this is the first time I was able to test a pattern that was not for myself or baby girl. I sew for my husband and our boys often, but when I am doing back to back testing it is usually just for Amethyst or myself. Our wardrobe grows faster thanks to these opportunities and I jumped at the opportunity to make my boys something.

This pattern QUICKLY became a new favorite. Lately I have been loving sewing up a color blocked item. And what made this magical was how fast these hoodies were made and the many color options! Amethyst and I do have a Logan of our own that I made, but I’d much rather this post show off my favorite men! Lets start off with my handsome husband first shall we?

His smile just melts my heart. It’s contagious! He is wearing all athletic brushed poly knit from Surge Fabrics. I find any excuse to use the ABP on any pattern and this hoodie is perfect for this fabric.

You know whats also great about this color blocked hoodie? It can be a great scrap buster. I know I’m not alone in having a ton of scraps that need to be put to work. I bought two yards of each of these colors but was excited to see I had enough so that the boys can match their daddy!

I’m not going to add any solo pictures of myself or Amethyst on this post, but I have to end it with this family picture! All of us rocking our Logans. We need more pictures like this.

The pattern is newly released and you can grab the bundle here.

Fall is near everyone, make a ton!


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