It’s None of Your Business

A few years ago I saw a quote on social media that I often tell my friends and family while constantly reminding myself.

What people think of you is none of your business

This quote stuck with me for a reason. it is a quick yet powerful statement. There are many times we get caught up in what someone else thinks of us that it clouds how we feel about ourselves.

What is it that YOU love about yourself?

What do YOU want to do?

What dreams do YOU want to chase?

You… You.. YOU.. NO ONE ELSE.

I’m not asking you what do others love about you, what do others want you to do, or what dreams do others want you to chase. Focus your vision on how you feel about yourself, what you want, and your goals. Keep outside opinions out of your sight. You will drive yourself crazy being so worried about outside views instead of your own.

Remind yourself daily of your beauty (Inside & out)

Remind yourself daily of your WHY.

Remind yourself daily of your worth.

Remind yourself daily of your goals, dreams, wants & needs.

You are in control of your life. Do not let others take the wheel for you. Drive your car, stay in your lane, and take yourself to any destination that you want. Mind your own business and let go of that outside negativity.

-Kamali Obiagu


  1. Andrea

    I absolutely love and needed this! I often do wonder what people think when I’m doing certain things. Only because I know things can be done differently. I’m still working on it though!


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