Hey yall!

I got a chance to test another amazing pattern! This Willow from Made For Mermaids! I made three of them for my daughter Amethyst and would have made more if I didn’t have other tasks to tackle.

Listen, I am NOT a fan of binding. I get super anxious and nervous when it comes to topstitching the binding. Mostly because I want it to look perfect. I do not know of anyone who doesn’t want to do their best at topstitching. I found that what eases my nerves a bit is slowing down and breathing(Yes, sometimes I hold my breath unintentionally). One of these days there will be no need to do that. Until that time comes, I try to woosah while stitching and try to be thankful that if push comes to shove, at least I can pull out the handy dandy seam ripper and try again.

I started with this beautiful mustard modal spandex from Surge Fabrics. Yellow on melanated skin is such a beautiful combination so obviously this was a NEED.

This romper is so beautiful right?

And these STRIPES from Joanns?!? Annnnnd the puffs? YES

This pattern is easily my NEW favorite. The Willow is a quick sew and definitely one you should add to your list! If you absolutely hate binding, Made For Mermaids has a tie hack here. And Did I mention they also have Baby, Youth & Women’s sizes? If you need more than one of those patterns be sure to bundle up & save!

Willow Pattern

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