Do Less & Gain More

My beautiful people, how y’all doing? 

I started out my morning doing my typical routine. I was so excited to actually have some alone time in the morning. Parents know how crucial alone time and self care is! While I was taking some pictures I came across this quote that spoke to me. 

โ€œAll you need is less.โ€ 

I thought this quote was so powerful. In life, most of us can get so wrapped up in the need or desire for more in life that we forget how precious it is to have less. But here is my perspective on this quote: 

  • Less worrying (Our worries become our masters) 
  • Less lies (to yourself and others) 
  • Less fear
  • Less holding onto ties that drag us down 
  • Less of taking on stress that we can CHOOSE to not accept
  • Less of dealing with other peoples bullshit. (Find yourself worthy enough to just deal with your own shit) 

When we do less we can have MORE 

  • More freedom 
  • More honesty 
  • More success 
  • More beautiful bonds 
  • More beneficial focus 
  • More happiness

So lets all do less os we can gain MORE. You on board with me? 

Peace & Blessings to you all!ย 


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